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Urban Studies

UPDATE (June 29th, 2010):

Finally, with all the documents sent to San Francisco State University in place, and with all the needed grades and subjects taken in the process, I will be doing my first semester at the university this coming Fall, with two (2) subjects that I’ll be taking. I just have the funds to take six (6) units because of financial issues, but, as I go along, I will be getting more units because I really want to finish my major as soon as possible. Along with that, I will continue my volunteer work in San Rafael, and I’m looking forward to my life at San Francisco State!


UPDATE (December 15th, 2009):

I just got word that I got accepted to San Francisco State University that I will move on to study there! More details on my revamped page here or click on “Anthony + San Francisco State” on the top right portion of this page.


UPDATE (October 15th, 2009):

A major switch will happen to my chosen college to continue my Urban Studies path: I may be very sure about this that I will move to San Francisco State University, hopefully, next Fall to ensure my continuity of the major I have selected way before. I have submitted my application two weeks ago, wherein it is currently under review, and hopefully, I will get re-admitted again to SF State because I have already been accepted to that university, but last May, I turned that down to accept the offer from UC Berkeley. However, due to financial constraints, I could not pursue my intended major at Berkeley, thus I have to wait several months before I could reapply to San Francisco State, and this time, if I get accepted there, I will not turn it down anymore. It’s like shifting gears from the East Bay to San Francisco, and more north-south Transbay commutes via the Golden Gate Bridge… 🙂


UPDATE (August 28th, 2009):

As you may have heard, I have made my decision not to go to UC Berkeley this year to save tuition costs and instead go to another community college, City College of San Francisco, for two more semesters before heading to UC Berkeley full time. I may have some regrets on that move because I really love going to that university, but, it will be a huge sacrifice, not only on my part, but also on my parents’, when they pay the full tuition: how will I ever eat or commute going there if the money left is close to none (think: utility bills, phone bills, rent, groceries, etc.)? How will I ever pay for the books (separate from tuition), which could potentially cost hundreds of dollars if I buy them all at once?

Not to worry, though, since I’m preparing way more now to face the challenges of UC Berkeley… maybe God has given me one chance again to go to another community college to prepare myself for next year, and His plan is so far working well. I’ll do two applications for October and November: October for San Francisco State University (SF State), November for UC Berkeley. I also want to apply for SF State because they also have the same course I’m looking for, without the high price of going to a UC. But, a huge compromise could be the quality of education I’m looking for as well because I recognize UC Berkeley’s excellent Urban Studies program, in which I really aspire to go to. I just really wish for your help and support on my extended path towards my goal of going to UC Berkeley full time and getting the major I really desire: BA Urban Studies, in which I want to pursue all the way to Ph.D.

Here’s my revised schedule for the Fall 2009 semester @ City College:

Mondays and Wednesdays:      4:00 to 6:00pm – Tutoring in San Rafael (some Wednesdays, end at 5:00pm for doctor’s appointment at 6:00pm in Novato)

Tuesdays:     12:30 to 2:00pm – Asian American Studies 22 (Civic Issues and Leadership) in San Francisco

Thursdays:  12:30 to 2:00pm – Asian American Studies 22

4:30 to 6:00pm – Tutoring in San Rafael

This schedule, I believe, is the simplest I have to work with so far, and it makes me quite relaxed because not a lot of commuting is involved in the process. But, this could cause me a lot of downtime as well, making me feel a little bored when I do nothing. Somehow, this light schedule actually allows me to reduce my stress, especially in preparation for application season again.


(July 16, 2009) – I will be embarking on a career that has been my mindset for so many years that I really worked hard to get it: Urban Studies. But, many people do not understand this course because it is said that it is architecture as well. Well now, I will discuss what I believe is a good definition of Urban Studies.

Urban Studies is a course that involves the planning of cities and regions (that’s why there’s also a minor in UC Berkeley called Minor in City and Regional Planning), and it does involve some architecture in the course. But, the course is not entirely architecture in form; the course attempts to provide connections with various disciplines, such as political science, history, ecology, environmental science, and mathematics, all of which encompass the theory of urban development. The course does not require a lot of mathematics to begin with (up to basic calculus is fine); however, it requires both forms of economics (macro- and microeconomics) to successfully complete the course. It does also require completing some basic science courses in order to get into the course, yet it does not demand much language studies in the course (unless you can use it to complete the Breadth requirements).

In the Urban Studies major, I can complete the following:

– B.A. Urban Studies

– Masters in Urban Studies

– Ph.D. Theory of Urban Studies

My goal is to take it all the way to the doctoral level (Ph.D.) so that I can really provide credentials to ensure a great career. I have been thinking of Urban Studies since I arrived here in the United States in April 2006 because I believe that the course is perfect for what I am doing in life.

My history in leading me to Urban Studies was quite interesting to say the least: I have been drawing maps and buses since I was younger (6 or 7 years old), then I graduated to playing with Matchboxes when I was 7 onwards. When I got my first SimCity (SC), it was the SC3000 edition when I was 11 years old, and I got hooked to it ever since. I even combined playing SC with playing with Matchboxes (also by Tomy of Japan) that I really got into more drawing and playing at the same time! I also knew a lot of math, which also contributed to knowing number theories and calculus as I went along, and I also learned English when I was in the Philippines (as well as Filipino) for more than 10 years. I went from SC3000 to SC3000 Unlimited to SC4 when I was in high school, and (you guessed it) I never went away from the evolution of SC! I even brought along SC when I moved to the United States because I really did not want to miss the game.

When my uncle saw me playing SC, he told me that my career was really not into nursing (I went one year of nursing school in the Philippines), and that he discussed with me about urban studies. And, as I went through a community college, they did not offer urban studies; the closest one was architecture! I took some architecture classes, and the one that really sparked my career into urban studies was a course called “Sustainable Architecture and Environmental Design” which involved architecture with the demands of greener alternatives to building and maintaining structures. I did pretty well at my community college, with a GPA of 3.20, and I applied to UC Berkeley in November 2008 wherein I wrote down all my experiences regarding SC and my classes at the community college that I enjoyed. On May 1st, 2009, I got the announcement through my aunt that I got accepted to UC Berkeley, as well as I got in to the course that I wanted to get into! As my advisor told me: there are 640 students in my college (College of Environmental Design), of which 50 of them (including yours truly) are in the Urban Studies major. Now, as I start my journey towards Urban Studies, it is my pleasure to say, “You are welcome to join me in my ride towards my career of City and Regional Planner, and welcome to the world of Urban Studies”.

I will do my best to update you with the latest from my college, College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, as well as updates regarding my schedule, my life in the Urban Studies zone, and what’s going on with me at UC Berkeley. This is also where you can get updates about my upcoming projects for my major, in which you get to decide which designs will look really great for submittal, and you can look at my current works.

I welcome you to my Urban Studies at UC Berkeley page, and I will be looking forward to your replies to my upcoming updates.

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