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See photos of Angeline, Marcelito, Yeng,

See photos of Angeline, Marcelito, Yeng, and Jovit from last night’s Pinoy Champs concert in Reno!

Who wants to see photos from tonight’s

Who wants to see photos from tonight’s concert from Reno? Let me know so that I can make an album of it soon.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving wit

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with a blog of what I’m thankful for this year:

Mother Knows Better than my Father


Prelude: after over six months’ absence from WordPress, I’m back yo writing my blog entries here, as well as my companion blog, Beyond the Lens, thanks to my new Android phone that allows me to work anywhere I go, not anymore needing for a WiFi connection. Just type and paste, and presto, blog entries on the go!

I am so fortunate that my parents are still alive and kicking even though I’m a young adult now, but it seems like my mother has been a better parent to me than my father. Yes, yes, I hear the buzz that sons think their moms do better and daughters think their dads understand them more, and indeed, that’s my trend because I grew up to understand that my mother has been more supportive to me than my dad, and there are so many to thank for. I’ll just write down three instances that my mom has dealt with my issues better than my dad.

Having Asperger’s means I tend to behave younger than my age. Although my parents have been telling me to act my age, given my condition, my mother treats me better than my dad, partly because I can tell her my secrets and thoughts about why I behave in certain, unusual ways. I also tell her that I do things differently that my mom understands, and she has been supportive in allowing me to grow whatever I want to be. Although my dad has his points, I understand the caring words of my mother better because her voice gives me understanding and comfort, things my dad rarely shows.

In terms of education, my parents would always tell me to become a doctor or lawyer to make a lot of money. However, I used my approach of compassion to convince my mother that neither of those would not make me successful and rather choose something I really want to become, a thing she has supported. She really supports me educationally through college, she gives more than enough care for me to finish school and university, and she allows me to be an educated person, as to not imitate her relatives who became indulgent in wealth and mistreating other people through their “sweet promises”.

In terms of showing me a great way to work with life’s difficulties, my dad has a reserved attitude on it, resorting in working by himself and being a perfectionist. My mom, however, allowed me to be creative while staying strong through life’s difficult moments. When I was ridiculed at school, my mom came to my rescue and dealt with a counselor to work through the bullies. When I started struggling to look for things, she came over and sorted things out for me. When I became confused on what classes I want to take, she motivates me to do well in the courses I pick and gives me opportunities to take the difficult classes (provided with money). And a little secret: I would do things for her when she comes home twice a week, in which she would reward me with money or going out somewhere.

This is the first time I wrote in a blog how much I really love my mother and show that she’s a better parent for me. Her care, supportive nature, and understanding allow me to become a really good person who can decide what’s good and bad, as well as understanding the realities of life and demonstrative of what my capabilities are. Her sweet words keep me inspired to do well, and although she may get mad at me at times, I really love her a lot.

About to do a major experiment…

It has been quite some time since I’ve been writing actively on my blog, and it’s with a lot of university work that limits me recently to achieve writing as many blog entries as I can. I wish I can have more time to blog more often, but, with the workload I’m carrying, it seems like my goal of “Post-a-Day” cannot be reached…

Or so I think.

I’m about to do an experiment, something I’ve never done before, something I want your opinion on. I’m about to transform my blogs here on WordPress into a comprehensive website (I’ll create everything from scratch) about my life in general, including my photography, career path, university life, and of course, my family. It can be hard to begin with since my worst enemy has been time (which I’m constantly struggling with), but, I hope with your help, I can succeed in my upcoming experiment. I am also looking for a reliable web hosting provider which can provide me with competitive (low!) rates, if possible (I’m currently exploring Go Daddy and Weebly, among others) so that I can materialize this project over the summer. And, the front page will have a fresh new look, hopefully different from the simple front you might have seen recently.

My idea for the new (revamped) website is this:

Anthony Nachor’s Diary will be renamed as “The Traveling Anthony” wherein it will have a fresh look on Anthony Nachor’s life, from his extensive travels around the Bay Area, to sharing his family stories, to even exploring what his future will be after university. It will contain stories, images, and thoughts of growth, improvement, and character, all of which will, hopefully, entice more people to be transformed and go beyond the normal routine of life to explore beyond the realms of work, school, and home.

I am looking forward to your opinions about my experiment plans, as well as suggestions on how to design it to make it my own.

P.S. My current domain will expire in mid-July, allowing perfect time for you to think of ideas on how to make my site possible.

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