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Blogging Buddies

You may have heard about the wildly-popular entry on Blogging Buddies (along with an ever-growing list of comments) on WordPress for Post-a-Day and Post-a-Week challenge (see the entry here), and for me, it is similar to what I do on Twitter and Facebook: finding both existing and new friends to talk to, share thoughts, and spend time with when and wherever you want–even online. But, here’s how I consider blogging buddies–and friends–in general:

Dictionary text: success (courtesy of

A blog should have substance that can be easily read by readers. For me, successful blogs have come a long way from their roots: established blogs would already have had the quality of providing a (nearly) consistent flow of topics that engage readers and academics alike, as well as providing room for comments and suggestions to make a blog better. That way, bloggers will find more inspiration to write better entries, which in turn would mean more buddies and readers later on.

A Jewish Protesting Against Israel Killing Palestinians (courtesy of Lawrence of Cyberia)

A good blog for me to follow has a message that I can relate to, and it must be clear and specific. It means that even though you are struggling to write your thoughts, if I believe that I understand your thoughts (and have specific examples to back up with), then I will be able to understand why you write such entries and follow your blog. For me, every blog has a message that conveys specific thoughts, and it is how you view them that helps me understand how you view the world.

Sometimes, the funniest of quotes can come from switching only one word... (from Soda Head)

A humorous blog (mixed in with wise thoughts) is something I like to read as well. For me, I really like a blog that can wittily combine wise thoughts with a sense of humor so that I can laugh along while reading the entry, and it’s one of the simple pleasures in life that many people tend to miss sometimes because of work or other important things in life.

So far, I’ve subscribed to a few other blogs, with even more in the future, wherein you can get a glimpse of the things I like in life, as well as share my inner thoughts and feelings about myself and others.

  1. LOVE the sandwich board sign 🙂
    i am confused by the blogging buddies thing but i think i got a message from you saying you’d like to be my blogging buddy. still up for it? i’m in if you are!

    • Yep, I’m still up for it! 😀 I like the topics you’ve posted so far, and I’m looking forward to more! Subscribed.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    I would love to have you as a blogging buddy! I don’t mind photos…I love photos and your blog!

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