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14C: Where Do I Want To Travel in the Future?

16 January 2011, Sunday

Going out of town can be a memorable experience, but, I just don’t want to go out of town for the tourist-y sites alone. I want to go out of town, either to reconnect myself with the past, see new places that I haven’t explored before, or spend time with the people and immerse myself into newer cultures. Yes, I’m a solid fan of the Amazing Race on CBS, but, I just don’t want to be in a country for a day or two to compete: I want to spend at least a week in it to really get myself acquainted (and hopefully immersed) into its culture and people, along with its natural and/or architectural beauty and the connections I have with others.

The next featured destination I want to go to is Indonesia, particularly the islands of Bali, Lombok, and Sulawesi. Sure, Java has two of the country’s largest cities, namely Jakarta and Surabaya, but I will discuss Jakarta on another day. I’ve chosen Bali, Lombok, and Sulawesi, not only because of their laid back culture, but also of its natural scenery that is in (sharp) contrast from the hectic mess of Indonesia’s many cities. The food choices in the three islands range from the familiar (nasi goreng, satay) to the exotic (lawar, Coto Makassar), as well as an abundance of seafood, spices, and rice, all of which represent the diversity of the islands.

The sights I would really love to see when I visit the islands include Ubud and Denpasar–two communities with two different worlds–both in the same island of Bali; Kuta in Lombok Island; and Manado, Togean Islands, and Ujung Padang in Sulawesi. Ubud is best to see the traditional Balinese way of life, in stark contrast with the modernity of Denpasar, while Kuta hosts to undeveloped white-sand beaches that provides tranquility to the weary traveler, as well as adventure for surfers. Togean Islands offers similar features as Kuta, but it also presents dramatic volcano sceneries, and Manado and Ujung Padang are the major cities in Sulawesi, an island where the pace of life is slower than both Bali and Java have.

Here are some of the pictures I want to share that makes me want to go to those places:


Lombok's assets: long beaches and turquoise waters (from Lombok and Beyond)

One reason I like going to Kuta (Lombok): its white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, comparable to the Philippines' Boracay.


Kuta Beach, Lombok (from Indonesian Tour Object)

Another view of Kuta Beach in Lombok


Balinese rice field (from Igougo)

A Balinese rice field near Ubud. Reminds me of the Banawe Rice Terraces in the Philippines, which is similar in formation.

Denpasar Monument (from Bali Manis Tours & Travel)

Denpasar Monument, serving both as a complement (religion-wise) and contrast (urban landscape) to the overall nature of Bali.


Togean Islands (from Travlang Travel Guides)

One of the many islets forming the Togean Islands, a natural attraction in Sulawesi.


Birds-eye view of Manado, north Sulawesi (from Konika Manado)
Manado, a city in Sulawesi, reminds me of many small- to medium-sized coastal cities in the Philippines, amidst the blue sea.


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  1. Hey, I am a fan of TAR too! The all stars is airing some time in Feb. I never really thought about Indonesia as a travel destination, but your pictures are great! Lombok looks amazing!

    • Oh yeah? All-Stars competition, you mean from here in the US?

      Indonesia is a wonderful destination to go to, if you know where to go. If you want the big city feel, go to Jakarta (covered later), but if you want the beach, go to Bali, Lombok, or Sulawesi. Those are great places to visit, especially right now where not a lot of visitors go to them… And also, I used those pics from other sources, so take a look carefully. 😛

      • Yes, the all-stars from the US. By the way, the Nat/Kat team are doctors, not nurses. And thanks for the info re all the cool places to go!

  2. 525adelaide permalink

    Yay for the Amazing Race!!!! I’m so very glad that team Nat+Kat won hahah)))) And these islands look gorgeous! The water in the first picture… ahhhhh. Best of luck to you in travelling to these destinations 🙂

    • Oh yeah? I’ve been a fan of the Amazing Race since its third season, but, yes, I’m surprised that a pair of nurses won the latest installment of the race, and I’m so happy for them! Yes, I love island retreats myself, a stark contrast to skyscrapers, which is another favorite of mine!

  3. I am a homebody and never want to visit anywhere!! Crazy huh? I did read Eat, Pray, Love and felt drawn to Indonesia in that book however. Nice pics.

    • Oh for real? It is crazy!

      Yeah, Eat, Pray, Love is a great book (and the movie as well is superb!), and Indonesia is just one of many places that you can visit for traditional ways of life striking well with modern ideas, and the pics just attest to the islands’ beauty. Those also remind me of my former home, the Philippines.

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