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12: Where Do I Want to Travel in the Future?

14 January 2011, Friday

One of my favorite places to go is the library, especially in three locations: Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, South Novato (near my home), and Corte Madera. Why those three? Because those have a large stock of my favorite type of book: travel books and guides. Travel has been in my blood for a long time, since my first trip outside Manila to my parents’ province in the Philippines when I was three, and to see the beauty of the places I visit keeps me interested to do so.

So, going beyond my usual routine of going to school and work, here’s the first of a multi-part series of where I want to travel in the future:


The Obelisk, Buenos Aires, Argentina (image from Metrolic)

The Obelisk, one of Buenos Aires' top landmarks, facing towards Av 9 de Julio (July 9th Avenue)

Sure that what many people have in mind for a great place to visit would be Paris, London, Tokyo, or Rome… great tourist places, but, it’s something I’m nearly too familiar with (London and Paris, though, may be discussed later). But, for me, one of the places I surely want to visit in the future would be Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The city where tango hails from, Evita made her patriotic speech to the people after World War II, and where the Presidential Palace has a unique color (Casa Rosada, pictured below), the city is one of the most cosmopolitan and populated cities in Latin America. Two of the world’s largest streets are located in the city, as well as its natural waterfront facing the Atlantic reminds me of my former home, Manila. Its proximity to Mar de Plata, a major seaport and popular weekend getaway for Portenos (the people of Buenos Aires), makes the city an ideal place to watch magnificent seaside sunsets and feeling the sea breezes. Its Catholic roots also draws me to the city as well: La Plata Cathedral, with a design quite similar to San Sebastian Church back in Manila, allows me to reflect on my roots and see the beauty of the church, both outside and inside. And the enormous plazas that are scattered throughout the city makes the city the “Paris of Latin America” because the wide open spaces allows both locals and visitors to relax amidst the humid city.

Here are some photos I’ve liked on Buenos Aires:


La Plata Cathedral, south of Buenos Aires (from Blogspot)

La Plata Cathedral, a magnificent church located south of Buenos Aires

Plaza Italia, central Buenos Aires (from Flickr)

Plaza Italia, one of the many plazas (parks) that dot Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada, the Presidential Palace, Buenos Aires (from Wikimedia)

Casa Rosada, the official residence of the Argentine President, has been painted pink either due to political strife or used cow's blood to reduce the effects of humidity from the overall structure.


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  1. Argentina seems like a beautiful and interesting place. I have never been, but I do have friends that have, so have seen some pictures.

    • Oh ok. I’m reading a travel guide on Argentina right now, and oh yes, I would love to visit that country for its churches and scenic views, even crossing further into Antarctica.

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